Digital adoption is in our DNA.
AppLearn is a global software provider that has pioneered the importance of digital adoption for the last decade. This deep experience of digital change and transformation led to ADOPT, the leading Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). ADOPT enables enterprise-wide change by providing modern and contextual digital training, in-application support and advanced usage analytics.


Work and learn simultaneously: Users get training and support directly within the application

Understand adoption rates: Measure user adoption and engagement with your technology

Gain critical insights and feedback from your workforce to continuously evolve your support

Intuitive user experience: Guide employees through complicated processes directly within the application

Easy to manage: Distribute all your training and support content from one secure location

Maximize your ROI: Ensure software rollouts are embraced and utilized

Accelerate your speed to value: Provide the right tools at the right time to increase efficiency and accuracy

Optimize processes: Deliver an in-app communication experience for a seamless user experience

Introducing ADOPT, the leading Digital Adoption Platform from AppLearn

See the benefits of Adopt, the leading Digital Adoption Platform



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