Assessio is the leading publisher of psychometric tests in the Nordic region and a consulting organization with a focus on Human Capital Management. The company has a long history of developing research-based tools for se­lection and development of personnel.

The business was started in 1954 by the Swedish Psychological Society and has since then evolved into an international test publishing house and mo­dern HR consultancy organization with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The tests of Assessio are available in over 30 countries around the world.



Overview and Benefits

MAP: a comprehensive and multi-application Big Five Personality test, for both selection and development of personnel, available in 12 languages.

Matrigma: a robust and efficient General Mental Ability (GMA) test for selection. Ideal as a screening tool, relevant for any position and role, and flexible of use thanks to its availability in 28 languages.

Mint: a smooth and efficient Integrity test that helps you prevent cases of Counter-Productive Work Behavior (CWB) in your organization, available in 15 languages.

Service First: a user-friendly Service Orientation test to ensure your organization can deliver an excellent customer experience, available in 11 languages.


Standard packaged integration jointly implemented by Saba and Assessio uses public APIs, supports multiple work flows exchanging information seamlessly between the two systems.

Integration supports multiple workflows:

Assessment can be set-up to be launched automatically as part of the application process submission.

Assessment can be launched automatically after the application process.

Assessment can be launched manually after the application process by the recruiter.

In each of the above work flows Integration sends Assessment requests in real-time cutting short the turnaround time from requests to Candidates completing online assessments.

Detailed reports which includes scores and report URLs are made available in TalentLink immediately after the candidates complete online assessments allowing recruiters to assess results in detail prior to further selection process.





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