Cammio is a powerful cloud-based video recruitment & assessment platform helping candidates and employers towards better hiring matches with a visual first impression. Cammio uniquely combines live, automated, and video pitch interviews, complemented with the AI-powered Xpress Analytics® tool. The integrated platform, moreover, enables hiring teams to create authentic video job descriptions that boost conversion rates and brand engagement. Join the organizations from all over the world that rely on Cammio to attract and select the best candidates, while reducing costs and time-to-hire. No Talent To Waste!


Overview and Benefits

Our clients select Cammio because the easy to use platform enables recruiters to use the power of video throughout the entire recruitment process. Cammio Stories allows hiring teams to co-create content for their vacancies without the need to be a professional editor, but with full control over the video that is published. In the interviewing stage, recruiters have the availability of multiple video interview formats that give them a completer impression of their candidates. The rich functionality set includes a smart application of AI as well, in order to get better insights and reduce bias.

This is why employers love using Cammio

• Improved applicant-to-hire ratio
• Shorter time-to-hire
• Reduced recruitment cost
• Increased career page conversion
• Better matches through predictive hiring
• Premium candidate experience
• Fair & engaging process




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