Clinch is a recruitment marketing platform and CRM that leverages machine learning and candidate behavior analysis to bring you a more intelligent career site and a higher visitor-to-applicant conversion rate. Lauded by Forbes as a “tightly integrated software solution that’s unlike anything else on the market,” Clinch automates how you attract, identify, engage and nurture talent, combining advanced content marketing with talent acquisition technology to create a unique end-to-end experience for candidate and TA professional alike.


Overview and Benefits

Clinch was built on the simple idea that when it comes to sourcing talent, the best search is no search. Our award-winning recruitment marketing platform leverages machine learning and behavioral analysis to surface qualified candidates and facilitate that ease of discovery. Clinch boasts a diverse client base that demonstrates both its appeal and effectiveness; right now, companies from the worlds of cybersecurity, banking, event management, footwear and apparel, specialty retail, and more, are reaping the benefits of our innovative software solution. Our goal? To deliver a more intelligent career site and enable educated hiring decisions you can trust.


  1. Fast, easy installation and integration with your existing ATS
  2. Automated branding for consistent look and feel
  3. Automatic page creation for all jobs synced from ATS
  4. Improved career site conversion rate (views to starting application)
  5. More robust talent network
  6. Automated messaging / candidate nurture
  7. Personalized candidate experience for each and every career site visitor
  8. Increased productivity for your recruiting team



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