eQuest provides job posting delivery services to thousands of job boards, social media sites, colleges, universities, OFCCP state-regulated sites, diversity boards, veterans, and hundreds of others career locations.

Global reach is 183 countries and territories. Customer base includes 61% of the Global Fortune 500.

Other services include automated job site scraping and delivery, comprehensive candidate source tracking analytics for evaluating job board performance, job board negotiating services, and OFCCP/Diversity support.

eQuest is one of the most recognised and admired brands in the human resource industry with over 20 years in the business.


  • Reach 1000’s of job boards from a single application
  • Automate postings without the need for users (AutoPost)
  • Aggregate job board bills into a single invoice
  • One-Stop OFCCP State posting services with 8,000 Outreach Locations
  • Job board performance analytics


Integration allows mapping of TalentLink standard or Customer Configurable fields (Free form or LOV field and values) to eQuest standard fields, making it a seamless and efficient job posting experience with up-to-date status updates and minimal manual intervention.

Further breakdown of key integration features:

  • Integration allows customers to have 1 posting account for the entire company or maintain multiple accounts for each brand (i.e. Level 1 Organisation).
  • Integration supports customers to have unique branding of the candidate application process for each source e.g. 1 branding for the application process (=anonymous application), and an other advertisement using the end client`s look `n feel.
  • Integration supports posting adverts to multiple Job boards which allows Candidates to apply for Jobs online or apply via email (This is only supported if the job boards allows to apply via email).
  • Integration is managed and extended as per generic requirements with support of eQuest.




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