Firstbird is Europe’s leading employee referral program. It will make personal referrals your number one source of hire, making your hiring strategy faster, cheaper and more effective.

Using Firstbird, you have the potential to hire up to 66% of new employees via personal referrals.

Overview and Benefits

Lower costs – Save up to £16,000 per hire.

Faster Hires – hire new employees in just 29 days.

Referred employees perform 15% better.

What’s so special about Firstbird?


Reward features keep interest high among Talent Scouts by using instant feedback and recognition processes. Also, it allows you to positively acknowledge their actions.


Communication is key for a great referral program. This means newsfeed and popup notifications, rating systems, automatic email distribution are important functions of our platform.

Success Guarantee

Our team of experienced HR referral experts will accompany you through the entire lifecycle of your employee referral process to guarantee its success.




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