Flipbase is an integrated video technology for candidate screening and employer branding. This technology allows you to apply video in any stage of your current recruitment process; making it more efficient, personal and fun. Flipbase works for brands such as ABN AMRO, Hunkemöller, Hudson’s Bay, NN Group, Kraft/Heinz,PON, TUI fly and Virgin Australia.


Overview and Benefits

Flipbase offers modules for candidate screening and employer branding purposes. It allows you to apply video in any stage of the recruitment process and empowers your employer brand with authentic video content.

Some of Flipbase`s benefits:

  •     More efficient candidate screening
  •     Better collaboration with colleagues
  •     Shorter time to hire
  •     Lower cost per hire
  •     Higher quality of candidates
  •     Enables to take soft-skills into account
  •     Reduces bias
  •     Adds personality to your employer brand




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