Harver is a globally operating HR Tech company that delivers a Plug & Play multi-assessment platform. The platform empowers teams to make flawless hiring decisions by leveraging data and predictive analytics. Harver integrates seamlessly with other HR systems and helps companies like Booking, Amazon, Netflix and Zappos with selecting the right talent.


Harver is a Plug & Play multi-assessment platform. In a fun and engaging way, candidates experience the job and will be tested for the requirements for the specific vacancy for your company. After completing the application process, candidate matching score and data profile will be available.


  • a decrease in employee turnover rates up to 70%
  • up to 90% decrease in time spent per hire
  • 87% satisfied applicants even after rejection
  • 92% of hired applicants found expectations met post-hiring

Harver is a Plug & Play multi-assessment platform.





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