HireRight is the premier global background screening and workforce solutions provider. We bring clarity and confidence to vetting and hiring decisions through integrated, tailored solutions, driving a higher standard of accuracy in everything we do. Combining in-house talent, personalized services, and proprietary technology, we ensure the best candidate experience possible.

NAPBS accredited and based in Irvine, CA, we offer expertise from our regional centers across 200 countries and territories in The Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our commitment to get it right every time, everywhere, makes us the trusted partner of businesses and organizations worldwide.

Overview and Benefits

HireRight specialises in providing businesses with in-depth, impartial information on a candidate’s background and qualifications.

All of our screening services are performed in accordance with tried and tested processes, and everything we do is subject to numerous quality controls. That means that every piece of information we provide is completely accurate, allowing you to make recruitment decisions with confidence.

Working with HireRight, you get:

  • Extensive domestic and international coverage
  • The ability to manage multiple background checks online
  • Fast turnaround times
  • High quality searches, backed by numerous checks and quality controls


  • Global infrastructure
  • Local experience
  • 30+ years’ experience
  • Simple technology
  • Candidate Experience


Built by Lumesse and HireRight jointly, the packaged secure integration supports customers to most of the critical functions necessary to place and track Background Check orders/results seamlessly for prospective candidates.
The Integration follows the HR-XML complaint standards having defined operations and Web Services integrated with HireRight.
Best of all, this packaged integration is supported end to end by both companies ensuring that as these integrations are updated, the connection and data integrity remains intact and future-proof.

Key features

  • Integration allows the customer to configure and customize the process flow as per business requirements.
  • Integration can be configured to be launched automatically as part of the application process for basic background checks.
  • Integration can be configured to be launched automatically after the application process.
  • Background check orders can be manually placed after the application process by Recruiter/End User.
  • Background check order and results are available up-to-date without any manual intervention in TalentLink.
  • Depending on the Auto-scoring and decision steps set-up in TalentLink, Results from Hire Right
  • Background Check is interpreted and aggregated, moving Applicants to next selection process steps or being rejected.





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