Our integration with HireVue enables customers to embed video interviewing capabilities as an important component of Saba TalentLink talent acquisition solution and recruitment process. The integrated, plug-and-play solution is fully scalable and can be easily rolled out across the customer’s organization without the need for any further development.

Across the globe, HireVue is transforming the way companies discover, hire and develop the best talent with Hiring Intelligence and its HireVue Video Interviewing platform. Using a combination of industrial/organizational science and rigorously tested, predictive artificial intelligence, customers are hiring higher quality talent, faster. HireVue is available worldwide in over 30 languages and has hosted more than eight million on-demand interviews and one million assessments. Its more than 700 customers worldwide include over one-third of the Fortune 100 and leading brands such as Unilever, Hilton, JP Morgan Chase, Delta Air Lines, Vodafone, Carnival Cruise Line, and Goldman Sachs.


Video Interviewing

Make better, more fair decisions with structured, standardized interviews. By providing ultimate flexibility, our video interviewing solution will help you engage with top talent quickly and significantly reduce your time to hire. And because video interviewing can be done anywhere, at any time, on any device, we are providing your candidates with the experience they want. With video interviewing recruiters are able to consider more candidates from more backgrounds and locations, effectively creating a deeper and more diverse candidate pool.

  • Recorded OnDemand and Live video interviewing showcases talent beyond what a resume or phone interview can convey
  • Robust interview functionality that includes multi-interview panels, evaluator tools, whiteboarding, and powerful reporting
  • Branded landing pages with open interview links for high volume and passive candidate introductions
  • Robust candidate and job requisition features
  • Multiple question and candidate response types for OnDemand interviews and embedded interview questions for Live interviews
  • Latest in video streaming technology
  • Top-rated iOS and Android mobile apps
  • 24/7 live, real-time support in multiple languages


HireVue Assessments combines a video interview with game-based challenges to deliver a simple, fun, and engaging assessment that allows recruiters to quickly prioritize high quality candidates based on potential job fit. Integrating video-based questions with game-based challenges provides a uniquely comprehensive and deep understanding of a candidate’s potential, allowing for an accurate and objective screening process.

  • Objective and fair candidate assessment in under 30 minutes
  • Prioritize the best candidates quickly using AI and machine learning
  • Assessments are validated by IO psychologists, tested for adverse impact, and optimized to reduce bias in the hiring process
  • Measure multiple candidate competencies in a single assessment experience
  • Combine a video interview with an assessment in one simple candidate friendly step
  • Use games and video questions to uncover ability beyond what is possible with a resume


Don’t let potential rock stars slip through the cracks because of scheduling. Playing phone tag with candidates while coordinating schedules of busy hiring managers inundates recruiters with repetitive tasks. These unnecessary tasks prevent recruiters from engaging with candidates and filling positions quickly. Scheduling live video interviews, on-site interviews, and hiring events is a breeze for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates alike. HireVue Coordinate decreases time to hire and allows recruiters to focus on candidates instead of calendars.

  • Effortless candidate self-scheduling
  • Automated complex interview lineups
  • Hiring event coordination and scheduling
  • Assessment center coordination
  • No need to maintain additional calendars
  • Embedded interview questions & guides


Standard packaged integration jointly implemented by Saba and Hirevue uses the standard public APIs, supports multiple workflows exchanging information seamlessly between the two systems.
Integration supports multiple workflows:
Video interview can be set-up to be launched automatically as part of the application process submission.
Video interview can be set-up to be initiated automatically after the application process. Here the Candidate is sent an email invite which includes the interview link.
Video interview can be initiated manually by the recruiter after the application process for selective Candidates. Candidate receives email invite which includes the interview link
In each of the above workflows Integration allows to automatically present the Candidate with the requisition specific video interview questionnaire that would have been set-up by the recruiters in Hirevue platform.
Detailed reports which includes scores and report URLs are made available in TalentLink immediately after the candidates complete video interview allowing recruiters to assess in detail prior to further progress with the application.




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