Hollaroo is a talent engagement platform enabling you to leverage the power of anytime referrals, creates a pipeline of the best future talent for your business and onboard new hires in the most effective way.

Hollaroo creates seamless engagement by enabling an organisation to create a destination point for future talent, referred talent, alumni networks and new hires.


Overview and Benefits

Imagine a world where you can stay connected to all the great talent your company has ever met and all the great talent you ever will meet.

Better still, imagine a world where you can empower all those people as brand advocates to introduce even more great talent to your organisation.

That’s the power of Hollaroo.

Hollaroo puts you in control of your own candidate engagement with your brand values at its heart.

Hollaroo connects you to the right talent at the right time to bridge the talent gap and transform your recruitment.


Hollaroo Refer – anytime referral platform – referrals done the smart way.
Hollaroo Onboard – bringing new hires into your business for job readiness and productivity effectively.
Hollaroo Engage – engage with future talent and create a destination environment that converts people into the best candidates for your business.


In its simplest form, Hollaroo works like a job-board, displaying job descriptions published by the ATS along with an apply link that returns the applicant to the relevant application page of the ATS. Where supported, the apply link also identifies the source (channel) of the application so this can be recorded and tracked in the ATS. Useful to the recruiter as they only need to create the job once in the ATS, and the list of jobs is always synchronised between the two systems. Beneficial to the applicant as jobs are displayed automatically in Hollaroo so they only need to login to one system. .

At the next level, the integration shares information which allows the applicant to be tracked and identified throughout the selection process.  An unique identifier would be used to robustly identify applicants who are hired via the client’s on boarding process. This approach is more robust than using the email address (or name) to track someone and would allow later automation. Meaning that, if the customer  has an existing automated process for managing hires into their HR systems this can be used create employee population and talent/alumni communities in Hollaroo. For larger clients automating the process would be definitely necessary.  Finally, there is an option to share applicant information between the two systems, including registration data and profile information. This would allow the applicant to register once for both systems, and use their profile information when applying via Hollaroo to ATS or use application information from the ATS when creating a profile in Hollaroo. In addition, recruiters are easily able to invite people into Hollaroo. This level of integration would make the user experience much better, therefore driving greater usage and better hiring results.



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