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The mission of LinkedIn is simple: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.


Overview and Benefits

Recruiter System Connect

Recruiter System Connect synchronizes customers’ candidate information between Saba Talentlink and LinkedIn Recruiter.  Below outlines what functionality is available with Recruiter System Connect:

Past Applicants Spotlight
in-ATS Indicator
1-Click Export
Enhanced Profile Widget
Retrieve inMail History
Retrieve Note History
Retrieve Stub Profiles after an inMail Response
Key Benefits include:

Get up-to-date candidate records

Automatic data syncs and simple profile exports provide consistent candidate information without toggling between Recruiter and TalenLink.

Boost collaboration + candidate experience 

Your entire recruiting team has access to more candidate information — regardless of which tools they use — to avoid reaching out to candidates in process or duplicating work.

Access more applicant data in Recruiter

Along with the LinkedIn data you see in Talentlink, get valuable candidate applicant information (think applicant history and interview feedback) while reviewing candidates in Recruiter.

Apply with LinkedIn

To help drive more applications and reduce the time a candidate needs to fill in an application form when a job seeker visits the application form and clicks “Apply with LinkedIn”,  the job seeker’s LinkedIn profile information pre-fills application fields.


Standard integration jointly implemented by Saba and LinkedIn using public APIs, cuts down significantly on the user to switch back and forth between LinkedIn Integration exchanges data seamlessly between systems reducing the manual copying of information, ensuring the freshness of profile information viewed in TalentLink for all users.

The LinkedIn integration includes the below workflows

Past Applicants Spotlight
in-ATS Indicator
Recruiter 1-Click Export.
Enhanced Profile Widget
Import LinkedIn Recruiter InMail History into TalentLink.
Import LinkedIn Recruiter note history into TalentLink
Import LinkedIn stub profiles into TalentLink after an inMail Response



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