Ramp – transforms the way agency and employers connect to supply great talent at the best price.
Our platform rates and matches suppliers based on performance making it easy for employers to access the best agencies and manage their preferred suppliers efficiently.


Overview and Benefits

From a marketplace of 24,000 rated agency suppliers, employers never need to spend time identifying or negotiating contracts to work with the best suppliers.

By using RAMP you get:

  •     Instant access to performance rated suppliers
  •     Ability to reduce agency spend by benchmarking suppliers
  •     Immediate onboarding using a single online contract
  •     Single invoice process to pay all agencies
  •     Eliminate multiple contracts and agency administration
  •     Improve fill rates and reduce time-to-hire
  •     Gain clear visibility of agency performance
  •     Access to wider talent pool to source candidates


Agency Find

Vacancies matched to rated suppliers who can source talent immediately

Agency Procure

Easy way to onboard and procure suppliers using a single online contract and set of terms

Agency Engage

Generate real market insight from a community of suppliers including salary and fee benchmarking

Agency Manage

Manage and control all suppliers easily based on performance and real-time data

Agency Community

Build agile on-demand supplier communities for specific skills, sectors, and locations

Agency Pay

Pay placement invoices, handle agency queries and manage rebates with a single unified process

Agency Contractor

Manage direct, referred and third-party contractors through one of our managed service partners

Agency Perform

Receive agency rating data to gain great insights into the best-performing suppliers

Integrate RAMP technologies today to gain access to the best agency suppliers


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