With over 15 years experience RecruitmentTechnologies (Knollenstein)is one of the leading players in the international recruitment market with innovative solutions for online job advertising and mobile job applications on your existing application form.



RecruitAnywhere is the only fully automated multi-posting system. With no entries per job board required, jobs are posted with 100% correct criteria and professional layouts in just minutes, directly from your ATS.

Benefits of RecruitAnywhere:

  • The only fully automated multiposter
  • The most user-friendly system according to our clients
  • Jobs posted with all correct criteria with a minimum of effort
  • Specifically no use of job parsing
  • Professional layout of your jobs online
  • Much more cost-effective than other solutions
  • Technical support, always reachable by phone
  • Fast and easy set-up

ApplyAnywhere is our patented solution for mobile application, making it possible for
candidates to apply with their mobile phone or tablet using your existing application
form, including CV.

Benefits of ApplyAnywhere:

  • Fast and easy application including a job board CV. From mobile, tablet and PC
  • On existing application forms
  • Job seekers have up-to-date CVs stored in job board CV databases
  • User- and mobile-friendly: CV uploaded quickly and application form automatically filled in
  • Including retargeting of candidates for unfinished applications
  • Easy to activate


Lumesse’s TalentLink has a preload integration with RecruitmentTechnologies’ multi-posting system RecruitAnywhere. After entering the vacancy in TalentLink and completing the criteria in RecruitAnywhere, the vacancy is posted to multiple job boards with just one click. No need to enter criteria per job board. 100% correct criteria and quality of postings guaranteed.






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