Sova is Led by Dr Alan Bourne, a well-known innovator in psychometric assessment, we are a pioneering group of organisational psychologists, product developers and technology experts. Our aim? To remake assessment for the ultramodern digital world. By allying our psychological expertise with the latest digital technology, we are able to create superior assessment experiences for organisations and candidates.

Pinpoint personalisation

Sova is resetting industry standards, creating highly personalised assessments that are inclusive, provide more accurate results and make better use of the candidates’ time.

Digital, end-to-end

Specifically designed for the digital world we offer solutions at every stage in the selection process from volume sifting through to Digital Assessment Centres.

Ask less, learn more – Rather than inviting candidates to complete a series of assessments, we combine personality, ability, motivation and situational judgement questions into one highly condensed test.

Consumer grade candidate experience

Sova puts the candidate at the centre of everything we do, ensuring they leave the process with a positive impression of your organisation.



Blended assessments

To make better use of your candidates’ time, we combine personality, ability, motivation and situational questions into a single, blended assessment.

Digital assessment centres

Streamline your process: Looking to save time and costs, without sacrificing quality? We can help you create a paperless assessment centre solution that is just as robust as the traditional kind – and potentially even more engaging.

Find your fit

Truly connect: Our realistic job previews provide candidates with insight into the role and your organisation. This helps them decide early on whether it is the right opportunity for them, reducing the risk of attrition.





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