Talent Strengths is a pioneer in delivering custom online psychometric assessments and talent management solutions for organisations. Talent Strengths leading-edge online personality instrument TSPQ-Invent Series was the first assessment of its kind to enable clients to create their own psychometric solutions instantly using the pre-validated content. A process which used to take many months now happens in seconds. Advanced digital technology empowers clients to create context-relevant assessment solutions ensuring better accuracy in their recruitment and improved performance with their people.


Overview and Benefits

Talent Strengths work at the leading edge of technology, psychological research, and test design when building assessment solutions. We create short, valid and reliable assessments that combine personality, ability & aptitude, skills, motivation, situational judgement in one neat assessment solution.  Our solutions are tailored to your organization, helping you to:

Differentiate and sift candidates quickly
Evaluate individuals fairly and accurately
Keep candidates engaged with a seamless process
Deliver a positive candidate experience and enhanced employer branding

Talent Strengths can help your organisation to configure customised multi-assessment solutions that include a range of different types of assessments including Personality, Motivation, Ability and Aptitude and Situational Judgement Tests (SJT). Using Talent Strengths ground-breaking technology, assessments are shorter, more candidate friendly reflecting positively on your employer brand.  We help you deliver more focused and targeted assessments linked to performance in the role.


Talent Strengths standard assessments are available through Saba using public API’s. Our current ATS integrated clients enjoy multiple workflows with different assessment solutions exchanging information seamlessly between the systems.

Clients can work with Talent Strengths to quickly configure a custom assessment solution. This can be implemented into a seamless workflow when integrated with Saba Talent Link.



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