Talentry is a software company founded in 2013 and is one of the leading providers for cloud-based recruiting solutions. Based on its digital employee referral and advocacy platform, the company enables organizations to gain access to new talent pools and communicates their employer brand by leveraging their employees’ networks. Talentry utilizes the power of social networks to connect people with organizations they love and supports companies to conquer the war for talent. Serving international industry leaders as well as numerous DAX-listed companies, Talentry is based in Munich (Germany) and employs more than 50 people.

Overview and Benefits

Talentry is a software-as-a-service solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing recruiting processes. With Talentry Jobs, employees become recruiters by sharing vacancies through their social networks and referring candidates with just two clicks. With Talentry Stories, your employees become brand advocates by sharing your content on their social networks.
Talentry at a glance
– Access to new talent pools through employees’ social networks
– Strengthening of the employer brand through content sharing
– Ready for enterprise-wide and international use
– High security standards and GDPR compliance.
– Fast implementation and ROI
– Comprehensive onboarding and support
Key benefits
– Lower cost-per-hire
– Faster time-to-hire
– Increased applicant quality


Through this integration you get the best of both worlds. Manage jobs in TalentLink and have them automatically synced to Talentry for your employees to share with their friends & acquaintances.

Receive applications on said jobs through Talentry`s fully customizable application form and get them exported into your TalentLink system, ready for you tackle those candidates and have them go through your regular workflow instead of being required to use yet another tool. Enjoy the benefits of having two systems, while only having to maintain one.



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