At Tazio, we want to solve some of the biggest problems facing recruitment teams of all sizes. Recruiting is a difficult job, you are under time pressure, you have limited budgets, and there are increasing skills shortages. And yet, you are still expected to deliver a short list of excellent candidates.

Throughout business, people use data to make informed decisions. Our mission at Tazio is to provide recruiters and hiring managers with the means to capture and analyze the critical candidate and employee data – enabling you to make smarter, more objective hiring decisions.

Today we provide hundreds of employers with a platform to interview and assess candidates efficiently and objectively. Working with our network of partners; RPOs, test publishers and occupational psychologists, we help you create a more robust recruitment process.



Overview and Benefits

Tazio Intelligence is a new approach to candidate assessment and selection – combining aptitude tests, situational judgment and psychometric tests with video interviews. Utilising machine learning and analysis of candidate micro facial expressions it provides a faster, more reliable, and objective evaluation of a candidate’s suitability.

Branded and mobile friendly, candidates complete your assessment when it suits them, on their laptop, tablet or mobile. The process is intuitive, convenient and engaging.

Using machine learning eliminates any human bias and provides a faster, more accurate evaluation of each applicant. Tazio Intelligence reduces time to hire and delivers a higher quality shortlist.

Key benefits

  • Reduces time to hire.
  • Improves candidate experience and engagement.
  • Eliminates human bias and promotes greater diversity.
  • Mobile friendly, supports laptops, tablets and mobiles.
  • Better predicts candidate potential performance.
  • More cost effective than individual tests and interviews.




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