Textkernel is the international leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Semantic Technology for matching people and jobs. Textkernel enables thousands of recruitment & staffing agencies and employers worldwide to work smarter and more effectively by creating efficiencies in the HR and recruitment process.


Overview and Benefits

With Extract!, its advanced resume parser, Textkernel radically changes the candidate experience by offering a one-click mobile application process and automatically parsing relevant information from resumes, and social media profiles. Combined with Search! and Match!, its products in the field of semantic searching and matching, Textkernel gives its customers the right intelligent tools for connecting supply and demand in the job market.


High quality data extraction and parsing
Mobile one-click applications for a perfect candidate experience
Powered by AI and semantic technology
Personalised semantic search and matching
User-friendly interface
Sourcing external databases and social media


Saba have partnered with TextKernel as a technology provider to power TalentLinks Source module. The technology has been integrated into TalentLink which parses all candidate CV documents that are submitted during the application process for your jobs processed by the semantic search technology, making navigating all of your candidates in the back office a breeze.



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