Designed by the most-awarded U.S. Immigration Law Firm, Tracker offers the only I-9 Compliance Software suite with a perfect track record of zero client fines. Through our partnership with Tracker, the Talentlink solution provides best of breed I-9 and E-Verify compliance solutions.  The integrated solution provides a streamlined, easy to use process for both new hires and HR Managers, and confidence that the I-9 is completed accurately the first time.

Why use the integration?

  • ICE Audits have increased by 400% and the agency has developed a plan to open as  many as 15,000 audits per year.
  • With a maximum penalty of $2,156 per I-9, companies face a substantive risk exposure if I-9’s are not compliant.
  • Studies have shown that 76% of paper I-9’s have at least one error, and that the average is 3.1 errors per I-9.
  • An electronic I-9 solution is 85% more efficient than paper-based processes.

Challenges Tracker Solves

  • Lack of visibility/single system or record across the enterprise for I-9 management
  • Companies have I-9’s scattered across the organization in files or employee folders.
  • Tracking re-verification due dates and I-9 purge management
  • Manual spreadsheets need to be maintained to track reverification dates and purge eligible dates
  • Inaccurate and non-compliant completion of the I-9
  • Studies have found that 76% of paper I-9’s have at least one fineable error
  • Section 2 in-person ID Verifications for remote hires
  • Companies with remote hires struggle with a process to verify documents and complete Section 2 in person with the remote hire.


  • Save Time & Increase Efficiency:  Automate new-hire I-9s from the TalentLink application and maintain a single system of record for complete I-9 management.
  • Improved Candidate Experience: Eliminate paper form completion from the new hire process
  • Maintain Compliance: Tracker is the only I-9 automation software to maintain a perfect track record of zero client fines during federal and ICE audits.
  • Remote Hire Capabilities: Ensure compliance for all remote hires, leveraging our national Network Alliance of authorized agents to complete Section 2 on your behalf.


  • Automated E-Verify integration
  • Audit support in the event of an ICE or Federal Agency I-9 Audit
  • Dashboard and reporting functionality that includes re-verification reminders, data purging, I-9s pending and custom report generation
  • Remote I-9 Section 1; Section 1 & 2 configurable completion mode
  • 350 Network Alliance locations for Remote hire Section 2 processing
  • Digitization and Remediation of historical paper or .pdf I-9’s utilizing Resolve, the industry’s most robust remediation platform for full paper-to-electronic I-9 compliance
  • In-application validation rules empower ‘fool-proof’ processing and accuracy
  • Monitor individual I-9 statuses and deadlines with customized notifications
  • Dynamic Document Selector to ensure that the proper employee documentation is being captured
  • Mobile capabilities to process I-9’s and ensure compliance from any device ​



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