For over thirty-five years, Walton has served companies across all sectors, administering and maximizing Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) and all other federal, state and local tax credits and incentives. Today, Walton leverages the power of the most advanced integrated technology to deliver the future of tax credits through its award-winning platform, ForeSite. Companies that adopt our proven solutions rest assured knowing they are maximizing their tax credits while providing a smart & simple solution for their managers and new hires. The solution is available for US customers. ForeSite is Walton’s award-winning technology platform, delivering the future of tax credits through innovative smart & simple user experience.

The following are some of ForeSite’s features & benefits:

Integrated technology

ForeSite offers several integration options for companies to integrate their tax credit screening during the online job application or onboarding workflows.

Smart & Simple User Experience

  • Unlike others, ForeSite renders screening questionnaire on a single screen to make it fast and easy for employees to complete the tax credit screening to determine potential eligibility.
  • Walton screens-in potential eligible hires which can increase WOTC certifications by up to 15%

Single Sign-On & Push Alerts

  • ForeSite features email and SMS Text Alerts for managers to easily access their critical KPI’s and see their tax credit program results in seconds, without having to log in to our platform.
  • ForeSite uses the company’s active directory to authenticate users.

Advanced KPI Reporting

  • A company’s HR and Tax Leaders can easily manage their company’s tax credit program through our state-of-the-art KPI dashboard and reports.

Integration Companies can easily turn their HR departments into a profit center by integrating Walton’s award-winning solution directly into your TalentLink System.





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