Work4 is a leader in Facebook recruitment.

They help hundreds of companies to recruit talents on the largest social media worldwide.

Their vision: There is a social solution for every recruitment needs

Their Mission: To bring you candidates you won’t find elsewhere


Overview and Benefits

Our technology tackles all aspects of talent acquisition, whoever the candidate may be: employee, passive, active or poised, using a mobile or desktop device. Whether your objective is to generate visibility, traffic, or applications.

Our product suite is based on the major pain point of recruitment 

W4 Pipeline: Delivers high volume of application for low/mid tier profiles.

W4 Ambassadors: Employee advocacy platform to generate candidate referral on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

W4 App: Career tab integrated to your Facebook page.

Each solution can be synchronized with Saba’s products to offer the best candidate experience.


Saba TalentLink offers a packaged integration with Work4.

Integration is implemented using standard posting web services of TalentLink which is fully managed and supported by Saba.

Integration end to end process steps

1. Channel to post jobs ‘Work4’ is created and enabled.
2. Recruiter/Hiring Manager posts jobs to channel ‘Work4’.
3. Work4 scheduled interface pulls Job adverts posted once every 24 hours (specific time during the day can be set in accordance with the customer).
4. Work4 publishes all active jobs on the face book app.
5. Candidate applies for the Job.
6. Candidate is re-directed to customer set-up TalentLink Application process.
7. Candidate completes and submits application.
8. Candidate is tracked and source displayed in TalentLink UI against the respective requisition/Job with Sourcing Channel ‘Work4’.



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