XING, the leading social network for professional contacts in German-speaking countries accompanies its members through the process of change in the world of work. Against the backdrop of skills shortages, digitalisation and a shift in values, XING supports its 13 million members in reconciling work and private life as seamlessly as possible. Members are thereby able to use the XING Jobs market to search for a job that suits their individual needs, stay up to date with the news offers on XING and participate in discussions, or find out about the changes and trends in the new world of work on the XING spielraum portal.

At the beginning of 2013, XING strengthened its position as a market leader in social recruiting by purchasing kununu, the market-leading platform for employer ratings in German-speaking countries. XING was established in 2003 and has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006. It has been listed in the TecDAX since September 2011. The members on XING interact in around 80,000 groups or network in person at one of the over 150,000 professionally relevant events each year. XING has offices in Hamburg, Munich, Barcelona, Porto, Vienna, and Zurich.

Overview and Benefits

Apply with XING

This function allows interested applicants to apply with their XING profile data, which means the most important information will be embedded into respective templates. This function potentially increases the number of applications, at the same time the applicant saves time in this process.

XING TalentManager

Active recruiting is essential when battling it out for top candidates to fill your vacancies. Get in touch with great people rather than waiting for them to contact you as this will significantly increase your potential hiring rate. Did you know that the passive job-seeker market is around three times the size of the active job-seeker market? The XING TalentManager helps you tap into this potential.

XING TalentpoolManager

You have a vacancy but no suitable candidates – or you have a promising candidate but no open vacancy? Create talent pools, manage potential candidates in a single place and get in touch with them at exactly the right moment.


With more than 12 million members, XING is the largest careers network in German-speaking countries. For this reason, non-members also use XING to look for suitable jobs and employers. So it’s no surprise that XING is considered one of the most attractive job boards in German-speaking countries. There’s no better place for your job ad!

XING ReferralManager

Who’s the right person for your business? There’s no-one in a better position to judge that than your own staff, so make them ambassadors for your company! Employee referrals are credible, contemporary and efficient. In Germany, this method has already become one of the most effective channels for staff recruitment.

Employer Branding Profile

Today, every business needs a professional company profile on the internet. Particularly when it comes to attracting potential candidates to your company, you want to show yourself from your best angle as an employer. This gives you an edge over other companies in terms of attracting the best talent and most accomplished candidates.

XING E-Recruiting 360°: All XING E-Recruiting products in one licence package

XING E-Recruiting 360° provides you with the ideal recruiting mix to ensure you fill your vacancies swiftly and efficiently. Reach out to active and passive jobseekers with the XING TalentManager and XING Jobs. Tap into the potential of employee referrals with the XING ReferralManager, and boost your employer brand with an Employer Branding Profile on XING and kununu. Fill your vacancies faster and get your business ready for the future thanks to XING E-Recruiting 360° with its innovative recruiting channels and products that are under continuous development.

You as a customer automatically get all of the new products as a single licence package, which now includes the new XING TalentpoolManager where you can build up a pool of potential candidates even before a vacancy arises.

Streamline your hiring processes by using all of XING’s e-recruiting products. Your personal XING 360° specialist is on hand to help you achieve the right mix for your individual recruiting goals. We also offer a consulting day where we impart lots of tips and tricks to help you succeed in your recruiting activities.


Apply with Xing is integrated with Saba TalentLink.



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